Lopata, Flegel & Company LLP has been built over the past 80 years as a client focused, highly technical accounting firm dedicated to serving our clients, our people, and our community. Our central location, in St. Louis, Missouri, allows us to serve clients throughout the United States. We are committed to providing measurable value by helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

With our roots as the St. Louis office of a national accounting firm, Lopata, Flegel & Company LLP is a full service accounting and management consulting firm. We focus on having outstanding professionals in our organization who are dedicated to assisting the businesses and families we serve navigate their financial demands and challenges. With a client retention rate in excess of 98%, it is clear that our clients are pleased with our commitment to their financial health.

How does Lopata, Flegel & Company LLP provide value?

  • Income and estate tax planning - we provide achievable means to reduce taxes today and into the future.
  • Business improvements - we recommend actions to improve profits and reduce risk.
  • Being a trusted advisor - we provide thoughtful insight into financial decisions that affect the businesses and families we serve.

Why Lopata, Flegel & Company LLP?

We do our best when we know you, your family, and your business. We take the time to listen and understand our clients, where they have been and where they want to go. We can be your best advisor when we truly understand your goals. 

Experienced: Our partners and principals average in excess of 20 years in public accounting, most with five years or more with national firms.

Proactive: We don’t just wait for our phone to ring. We reach out to our clients to discuss recent changes to the tax laws, accounting rules, articles, or books we have read and how they may be affected or impacted. We learn what is going on in their business and lives to try to see around the next corner.

Responsive: We commit to respond to clients promptly. Our expectation is to respond the same day.

Quality: Our work is subject to rigorous quality control reviews before delivering any product to our clients.

Cost: Whether fixed fee or hourly billing, we strive to provide excellent value for the fees we charge and we communicate with clients so they do not receive surprise billings.